How to Participate


To participate, wineries must return the Participation Agreement (below), OLCC form (below), $50 check (payable to Rotary Club of Albany) and $10 check (Payable to OLCC), AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Due to OLCC application processing limitations, we cannot accept late entries.

2016 Winery Letter and Agreement




To participate, Downtown businesses must submit the Participation Agreement and $75 (payable to Rotary Club of Albany).  Participation is limited to a certain geographical area.  All submissions will be reviewed by the Wine Walk Committee.  If your business is not chosen to participate, your money will be refunded.  If your business is outside of our geographical area, we invite you to contact us directly at; we may be able to make other arrangements.  Kindly submit your Participation Agreement and fee no later than March of the year in which you would like to participate.  Please mail the Participation Agreement to the address provided in the following letter.

Business Letter Agreement 2012


The Upstairs Downtown Albany Wine Walk offers both community and economic benefits. This Wine Walk provides businesses and local wineries with the opportunity to create a positive community image and reach their target market, and is the Rotary Club of Albany’s largest charitable fundraiser.  The Upstairs Downtown Albany Wine Walk generates thousands of dollars for the Rotary Club of Albany’s local and international charitable projects.  And who can forget the best part: the Upstairs Downtown Albany Wine Walk is really fun!

The Upstairs Downtown Albany Wine Walk  is presented by the Rotary Club of Albany, but it is made possible because of the sponsorship of generous businesses and individuals like you!

Sponsorship Application

*Please note:  We will try to accommodate all specific requests, but specific requests cannot be guaranteed.  Stores and Wineries will be paired based on a first-come, first-served basis.

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